“How much longer will the poor and dark West, the ‘international community’ of those who still think of themselves as masters of the world, continue to give lessons of good management and behavior to the whole planet? Isn’t it laughable to see certain intellectuals on duty, disconcerted soldiers of the capitalist-parliamentarism that stands as a shabby paradise for us, offering themselves to the magnificent Tunisian and Egyptian peoples in order to teach these savage populations the basics of ‘democracy?’ What a distressing persistence of colonial arrogance! Given the miserable political situation that we are experiencing, isn’t it obvious that it is us who have everything to learn from the current popular uprisings? Shouldn’t we, in all urgency, closely study what has made possible the overthrow through collective action of governments that are oligarchic, corrupt and - possibly, above all - humiliatingly the vassals of Western states?”

Alain Badiou

Adbusters, Volume 19 Number 3 “The Philosophy Issue”